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Mobility Solutions for Automobile Industry
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Automobile industry

Connectionphase is going to look into the relationship between mobile application and automobiles sector. Connectionphase develops mobile application for Automobiles industries which provide access to companies and dealers to connect with their customers in an successful way. Our designs for your mobile application will be so responsive that it will attract customers to grow your business more. You can update with your customers about latest offers by sending notifications in a smart phone.

The vehicle industry is on the cusp of a very big change. As car makers struggle with the multiple challenges presented by innovations in technology, major shift in lifestyle demands affected by the mobile revolution and a challenging business atmosphere.

Our key features for Automobile application development

  • Media galleries, datasheets, pricing information, owner’s manual
  • Dealer locations
  • Roadside service info, gas stations, car wash locations, service centers
  • Weather and real time info about traffic changes and alerts
  • Parking assistance and navigation directions
  • Estimates, billing, fuel prices, maintenance
  • Sales and service representatives
  • Fuel consumption calculator
  • Promotions, inventory pricing and competitive offers
  • Climate control
  • Updates about new models, user experiences and advice

If you’re looking for a Automobile mobile app developer or a company. Connectionphase is here can help you develop and design a mobile application for your music industry based business, look no further than Connectionphase. We will work with you to target your mobile goals and will develop a plan to help you reach them.

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