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Mobility Solutions for EBook Industry
A technology empowering the digital platform

eBook industry

Connectionphase specializes in creating eBook apps that are highly insightful and unusually striking, companionable with all the major platforms and devices. Our apps are ready-to-publish to app stores for iOS, Android and Windows.

Our key features for eBook application development

  • Listen audiobooks
  • Read books in multiple languages
  • Read illustrated books
  • Hear a book read aloud
  • Interact with textbooks
  • Use accessibility features: Voiceover, Zoom
  • Buy books from the seller list
  • Control what your kids read
  • Buy and download
  • Syncing and Automatic Downloads
  • Download a sample of a book
  • Listen to an audiobook preview
  • Download books from other websites
  • See and download previous purchases
  • Bookmark your page
  • Highlight passages and make notes.
  • Sync your progress
  • Look up words in multiple languages
  • See and hear built-in audio and video.
  • Pinch-to-close
  • Read your books and listen to audiobooks in airplane mode
  • Organize your library
  • Personalize and share
  • Change the appearance of your books
  • Change Font size
  • Text and background color
  • Scrolling
  • Share thoughts with friends.
  • Print books and PDFs

If you’re looking for a eBook mobile app developer or a company. Connectionphase is here can help you develop and design a mobile application for your music industry based business, look no further than Connectionphase. We will work with you to target your mobile goals and will develop a plan to help you reach them.

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