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Mobility Solutions for Healthcare and medical
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Healthcare and medical industry

Connectionphase offers a wide range of mobile healthcare application from workflow management to patient health record management. Our team with their wide experience offers healthcare application development solutions that help our clients gain maximum rewards on their IT investment.

Healthcare and medical application are helpful many ways such as improving daily life and promote positive health results. From premising users to access and manage important individual health information, to helping patients track and observe their progress and recovery, the beneficial possibilities of healthcare and medical applications are virtually boundless.

Our key features for Healthcare and medical application development

  • Register to use application
  • Secure mobile application
  • Help to understand your health benefit
  • Locate nearby health care providers
  • Search for Physicians, Pharmacies or Facilities by location or specialty
  • Locate Urgent Care facilities at nearest location
  • Estimate your health care and drug costs
  • Contact 24/7 for health information
  • Check status of deductible and out-of-pocket spending
  • View Prescription
  • Check status of refills, renewals and Refill your prescriptions
  • Compare medication prices and find lower-cost options
  • Review order status for home delivery medication
  • Tips for emergency health problem
  • Daily tips for better health

We can develop a customized healthcare and medical application development to meet your specifications and scale accordingly to satisfy user demands.

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