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Mobility Solutions for Media
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Media industry

The media industry is undergoing rapid change along the entire value chain, propelled by continuously rising consumer demand, digital technology, ubiquitous connectivity and evolving devices. Even as one form of media’s growth slows or loses relative share, another takes its place, gaining our attention with new modes of digital interaction, mobility, or social networking. And, while technology has always been a driver of change in this sector increasing digitization has escalated the speed of its transformation

We feel that the excitement around these products is a game of long run and indicative of this market’s potential: Hand Held device computing is already have a significant impact, but websites have maintained their core and royal attraction and usefulness.

Our key features for media application development

  • News articles
  • News channels
  • News images
  • News video
  • Weather update
  • News by category
  • News by country & city
  • Notification for new update
  • Offline reading
  • Widgets
  • Support many languages
  • News according to their location
  • Like and share the news on social media

If you’re looking for a Media mobile app developer or a company. Connectionphase is here can help you develop and design a mobile application for your Media industry based business, look no further than Connectionphase. We will work with you to target your mobile goals and will develop a plan to help you reach them.

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