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Mobility Solutions for Music
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Music industry

Connectionphase can develop a wide variety of custom applications for in the music industry which will work on the iOS, Android and windows platforms. We work with each of our clients from a consulting perspective. Our team starts by reviewing your opinions and ideas and then begins design a plan particularly for your app.

Once the idea is completed we will start design, develop, and test the application. Once launched we will always here to help you with marketing and maintaining the application. Doesn’t matter how simple or involved your idea is, our team is here to help.

Our key features for music application development

  • Video Player
  • Audio Player
  • Offline Music/Video
  • Enjoy Radio
  • Share Music/Video
  • Record sound
  • Watch Live TV

If you’re looking for a music mobile app developer or a company. Connectionphase is here can help you develop and design a mobile application for your music industry based business, look no further than Connectionphase. We will work with you to target your mobile goals and will develop a plan to help you reach them.

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