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This app is Enlighten application. People can view event like music, art, dance, festival etc.

Platform : Android, iOS.

Industry : Event.


This app has a unique features with which the user can.

  1. In News:
    • Post Card View:
      • swipe able View of all events in a postcard format with details (Main Image, Dates, venue etc.)
      • Like and Dislike button to go previous or next.
    • Classic View:
      • Scrollable View of all events. With background image of first event and titles of all other events.
    • Card View:
      • Shows the scrollable post card view of all the events that user has pinned in.
  2. Custom Calendar view:
    • User pins the event he/she likes from feed and this feature will automatically add the dates of pinned events to the calendar. So this feature gives user an easy way to customize the calendar view according to his interest. Also Adds by default thumbnail image of the event to the calendar.
  3. Custom Movie Player:
    • Scrollable view of top featured videos at the end of classic view.

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