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Video-centric Social Media Tool for Mobile Devices

WeRgold allows users to capture and share the world around them in a simple and creative way. The application is a video-centric social media tool that combines the best of audio, video and data sharing in a unique, fresh way.

About WeRgold

WeRgold is a mobile-based application, available on Android and IOS and runs on 3G, 4G and WIFI
using patented compression techniques. Users have the ability to share posted photos, videos and audio with all major forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

WeRgold users will have a contact list with whom they can manipulate and share recorded videos, audio clips and photos or communicate via instant messaging, audio or video conferencing. Simultaneous live and recorded video sessions are supported. Users will have access to a “Home Page??? in which they will “follow??? contacts and allow other users to “follow??? them.

WeRgold Feature Set Includes

  • Video Calling

    WeRGold has a functionality of Video Calling. You can make a video call to a person from your contact list. During a video call you can also add one or more persons in that call from your contact list.

  • Voice Talking

    WeRGold is providing Voice Calling Facility from the list of available contacts. You can make a voice call and at the same moment you can select multiple contacts from the list of contacts and make a conference call.

  • Conference Call

    WeRGold provide facility of Conference Room. In that you are allowed to do video conference, voice conference, and chat room. WeRGold allows the user to add 4 friends in one conference call.

  • Video & Text Chatting

    WeRGold Provide user to chat with each other, one to one or one to many. During the ongoing conversation you can also add any other user to take part on the active conversation to make a conference room.

  • Share Videos

    WeRGold Provide sharing facility to it’s users like video sharing, file sharing and photo sharing to selected friends. There is also a facility in which, on receiving a video and photo receiver can give ratting and comment on the same.

  • Follow Your Friends

    WeRGold has a functionality to add friends. User can search another user by their name and can send request to him/her.